The Flagship Initiatives

The Flagship Initiatives

The strategy calls for RUFORUM to reconfigure its initiatives and develop a series of flagship programmes to deepen its efforts and achieve transformative results. These high-impact, scalable initiatives build on and supplement RUFORUM’s ongoing programming work. The RUFORUM supported ongoing and pipeline programmes help to foster skills related to citizenship, employability, professionalism and entrepreneurialism that will last a lifetime. RUFORUM works closely with local communities and business, governments, NGOs, non-profit organisations and member universities to design and offer high-impact programmes, continually assessing the results those programmes achieve.
Four flagship programmes are initially being proposed for diffusion to drive results for transforming agriculture in Africa.

Flagship 1: TAGDev – Transforming African Agricultural Universities to meaningfully contribute to Africa’s Growth and Development.

Flagship 2: RANCH – Regional Anchor Universities for Agricultural Higher Education

Flagship 3: CREATE – Cultivating Research and Teaching Excellence

Flagship 4: K-Hub – Knowledge Hub for Networking, Partnerships and Advocacy