Haramaya University

Haramaya University is located in Haramaya, Ethiopia. The Haramaya University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences was established in 1954 as the Alemaya College of Agriculture. It was a part of Addis Ababa University until 1985 when it was upgraded to a full-fledged university of agriculture. The Alemaya University of Agriculture became a multidisciplinary university in 1996. In 2006 the university was renamed Haramaya University. The college offers BSc and MSc degrees in animal and range sciences; plant science; rural development and agricultural extension; natural resources and environmental sciences; and agricultural economics and agri-business. Together, there are 20 MSc and 12 PhD programs that can be obtained in these disciplines. There is also a two and half year BSc program for mid-career professionals who hold diplomas in agriculture or forestry. Research and extension activities operate under the umbrella of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research.


Climate Change Challenges Researchers – Building Resilience and Mitigation strategies

The devastating effects of climate change provide university researchers with challenges as the drought leaves farmers with no groundnuts to harvest and no income. The project deadlines and student graduation…