Strengthening Critical Value Chains with AgShare Open Knowledge

AgShare is a collaboration between existing organizations. It is an alignment initiative to leverage the attention of existing organizations in various domains to create and openly share different types of OER that strengthen MSc agriculture faculty and curriculum and create downstream uses of the OER for other stakeholders. This phase targeted three institutions situated in Ethiopia and Uganda. The institutions are: Haramaya (Ethiopia), Makerere (Uganda) and Mekelle (Ethiopia) Universities and aims to help institutionalise the AgShare methodology in these institutions.  With the addition of RUFORUM (Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture) as a new partner, AgShare II is integrated with an extensive network with the potential to build upon the success of the pilot by disseminating results. Click here to read more.

AgShare II
Project Status: 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Haramaya University
Makerere University
Mekelle University
Sokoine University of Agriculture
Project Goals: 
To innovatively support a collaborative network of African Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Science to scale-up and further develop and expand their ability to provide relevant and sustainable knowledge, skills and research support to smallholder farmers and other related agricultural stakeholders.
Project Outputs: 
Project Outputs can be accessed through the Open Education Resources at the RUFORUM Repository