Maureen Agena

Job Title: 
Corporate Communications and Advocacy Officer

Ms. Maureen Agena (Ugandan) is the Corporate Communications and Advocacy Officer at the RUFORUM Secretariat . Her role is to manage communications and advocacy at RUFORUM which include developing communication proposals, manage media relations and oversee the day-to-day operations of RUFORUM's Information and Communication needs . Agena holds a BSc. Information Technology from Uganda Martyrs University, MSc. Information Systems from partly Uganda Martyrs University and St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada where, through a Commom wealth Scholarship, she went for an exchange program. She also holds a MA. Development Communciations from Daystar University, Nairobi Kenya. Maureen previously with the World Bank in Kenya and Uganda country offices as an online communciations Consultant and an ICT4Ag consultant respectively form 2013 to 2017.

In Kenya, she was attached to the Communications Unit, Africa Region whereas in Uganda, she was attached to the Agriculture Global practice Unit. Agena has over 9 years of experience in formulating and implementing Communication and knowledge for development programs focusing on the thematic areas of Agriculture, Health, Education and Governance. As a development communication practitioner and an information systems specialist, she previously worked in the Netherlands, Kenya, Uganda and widely consulted in a number of countries in Africa. Maureen is a founding member of the ICT Association of Uganda.