Florence Nakayiwa

Job Title: 
Deputy Executive Secretary - Planning Resources Mobilization and Management

Dr. Florence Nakayiwa (Ugandan) is the Deputy Executive Secretary - Planning Resources Mobilization and Management,  she  joined RUFORUM from Makerere University where she has been the Director of the Planning and Development Department. She has over twenty years’ experience in the higher education sector in Africa. She brings vast experience in institutional development in higher education, policy engagement, development partners’ collaboration and partnership development and networking to the RUFORUM Secretariat and its wider network at large.  She has previously overseen and provided leadership to the strategic planning processes at Makerere University and various institutions to which she has served in the different capacity as a Board member. She has been the Programme Coordinator of several Development Partner Programmes at Makerere University. These include, among others, the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme at Makerere University and the African Development Bank- Higher Education Science and Technology Programme.  She has been a Board member of the African Higher Education Advancement – AHEAD Initiative, also a board Member to the Youth After School Initiative and a Board Member of the Makerere University Walter Reed Programme.  Dr Nakayiwa is a DAAD Fellow: University Leadership Programme that targeted Project Management, Financial Management and Human Resource Management in Higher Education at the University of Oldenburg- Germany.   She is a fellow to the International Visitors Leadership Program, A Voluntary Visitors Program on Higher Education Financing and Administration; and an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Higher Education Trust based in South Africa. Dr Florence Nakayiwa has a Doctor of Business Administration in Higher Education Management from the University of Bath, United Kingdom and a Masters’ Degree in Economic Policy Management from Makerere University.