Selma Ndapewa Nghituwamhata

Job Title: 
Technical Specialist, Research & Innovation

Selma Ndapewa Nghituwamhata (Namibian), is the Technical Specialist, Research & Innovation at RUFORUM Secretariat. Selma joined the RUFORUM Secretariat in September 2020 as an Intern at the Executive Secretary Office to assist in the publications of the RUFORUM Working Document Series and the African Journal for Rural Development (AfJRD) papers. Her role at the Secretariat is to design and oversee implementation of Research and Innovation activities of the RUFORUM Secretariat under the Manager Research and Innovation as well as to support the AfJRD and Working Documents Series activities. She holds a Masters degree in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems at Makerere University, and holds a BSc in Agriculture – Crop Science (Honours) (University of Namibia, 2016). Selma started her career as a Research Assistant at University of Namibia (2016) where she managed the Foxtail Millet Project activities. She currently serves in the African Plant Breeders Association-Graduate Students Working Group as a Secretary.