Yamungu Alongo Boniface Byamalong

Job Title: 
Intern Entrepreneurship Development

Mr. Yamungu Alongo Boniface Byamalong (DR Congolese) is an intern-Entrepreneurship development, has served as the Technical Controller of the National Independent Electoral Commission and also served and a research and teaching assistant at Université Espoir du Congo “UEC”, Université Francophone des Grand Lacs “UFRAGL” and Institut Supérieur des Techniques médicales de Baraka “ISTDR-BARAKA”.  He is a Founder and Executive Director of a local Non-Profit organization NOTRE VOIX and he managed secure some small grants for the organization and implement community projects in the Fizi territory, Eastern DR Congo.  He is also a Representative and core group member of African Student and Alumni Forum “ASAF” a forum funded by the European and African Union. He is serves as a volunteer in the position of the Director of Finance for the African Youth Community international “AYCi”. He has experience in crop, climate and economic modelling systems such as Decision Support system for Agro-technology Transfer “DSSAT”; Tradeoffs Analysis for Multidimensional Impact Assessment “TOA-MD” etc... He is a Trainer of trainers in Financial Literacy. Mr Yamungu holds a Master of Science degree in Environment and Natural Resources Management of Makerere University.