Theory of Change details

The change that RUFORUM wants to achieve

We want to support our  Member universities to ;

  1. Mainstream innovative teaching and learning approaches and curricula that foster cross sectoral linkages across agricultural and education value chains.
  2. Produce proactive and skilled graduates who drive and influence development processes at continental and global level.
  3. Produce contemporary and relevant innovations, products and services that meet Africa’s agricultural development needs and enhance national and global competitiveness.
  4. Institutionalize enabling policies, principles and practices,  that catalyse inclusivity, diversity and adaptability to Africa’s development needs.

We believe that if the universities are strengthened this change will lead towards vibrant transformative universities catalyzing sustainable and inclusive agri-food systems development in Africa

How the change that we want to see will come about
These changes will be achieved through improved teaching, learning and research, development & innovation among member universities; strengthened capacity of member universities to work with research, business and development partners to generate, access and deploy innovations that underpin sustainable and equitable economic growth; linkage of Member Universities to national, regional and continental platforms to drive evidence based development and policy programming; and, postgraduate training (at MSc and PhD levels).