Chinhoyi University of Technology


Historical Note and Mandate

Chinhoyi University of Technology is a strong brand in the Higher and Tertiary Educational market because of its innovation and entrepreneurial strategies that enhance its capacity in the provision of quality higher education in Zimbabwe and beyond. Chinhoyi University of Technology is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics driven University and it is in agreement with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development’s Heritage-based Education 5.0. The University is championing the use of ICT in its curriculum and the promotion of Engineering, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Art and Design in its quest to become a centre of excellence in higher education.

Chinhoyi University of Technology was established as part of the recommendations of the Chetsanga Commission to devolve Chinhoyi Technical Teachers’ College and other similar colleges into degree awarding institutions following the realization that technology is the key driver and central cog to industrial development and economic prosperity in Zimbabwe. The University started operating under the auspices of the University of Zimbabwe, in 1999 in what was then called the University of Zimbabwe Chinhoyi Degree Programme which offered two degrees; Production Engineering and Hospitality and Tourism. This led to the awarding of the Charter to operate as a fully-fledged University of Technology Act NO.15 of 2001; Chapter 25:23. At the helm was Professor Charles M. Nherera as founding Vice Chancellor. In 2006, Professor D.J Simbi assumed office as the Vice Chancellor and took the University to dizzy heights despite the unstable economic environment. The shrewd tactician, strategist and academic visionary steered the ship through stormy waters to establish multi-campuses thereby growing the University from 2,800 students in 2006 to +14 000 by 2022.

Our Specialised Degree Programmes

School of Entrepreneurship and Business Sciences was mandated to run with the vision and mission of enhancing entrepreneurship across its curriculum. In each and every degree programme offered by CUT across its different Schools, there is an Entrepreneurship Course which is mandatory hence the School has also played midwifery to the birth of at least fifteen (15) registered companies formed and run by current and former students.

The University has the following Schools:

  1. The School of Engineering Sciences and Technology
  2. School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
  3. School of Hospitality and Tourism
  4. School of Natural Sciences and Technology
  5. School of Art and Industrial Design
  6. School of Entrepreneurship and Business Sciences
  7. School of Health Sciences and Technology
  8. School of Wildlife and Environmental Management
  9. Institute of Lifelong Learning and Development Studies
  10. Institute of Materials Science, Processing and Engineering Technology
  11. Graduate Business School (GBS)
  12. Research and Graduate Studies Directorate
  13. Academy of Teaching and Learning


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