University of Nairobi Cassava CARP+

University of Nairobi Cassava CARP+, Kenya

As climate change accelerates in Kenya, the key crop (maize) is becoming unsustainable. Cassava on the other hand is drought tolerant, versatile and able to convert the otherward difficult environment in to a productive land.  Cassava contributes immensely to food security in Africa but Kenya still lags behind in terms of production, marketing and utilization of cassava products.

Training the next generation of scientist for Africa’s Transformation

University of Rwanda, Rwanda

RUFORUM has been a helping hand in rebuilding the University of Rwanda on agricultural developments and promoting Masters and PhD programs after the outbreak of the genocide. Leonidas Dusengemungu a Rwandan national was funded by RUFORUM for his Master’s studies at Makerere University. RUFORUM has also supported his Livestock IP innovation platform projects in Rwanda, hence transforming African communities.

Training Science Leaders for Africa Featuring Robert Kawuki

Makerere University, Uganda

The video features RUFORUM funded Robert Kawuki working together with the national crop research institute in developing soybean and cassava varieties, working with the farmers to ensure the address farmer needs. The story also highlights the importance of building capacity for African research institutions.

Training Science Leaders for Africa Featuring Charles Liri

Training Science Leaders for Africa Featuring Charles Liri, Uganda

Sorghum is a crop that is plagued by the striga weed. Charles is a RUFORUM grantee who is working together with the farmers to develop high-yielding, striga-tolerant varieties. There is mutual learning between the farmers and the student.

Training science leaders for Africa – Featuring Bento Filipe

Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

The video features a RUFORUM grantee called Bento Filipe Francisco, a junior researcher from the Instituto de Investigacao Agraria de Mocambique (IIAM) in Mozambique. He has been funded and supported by RUFORUM to carry out his agricultural research on tomatoes.

Training science leaders for Africa – Featuring Msekiwa Matsimbe

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi

The video features a RUFORUM grantee called Msekiwa Matsimbe, a researcher with the Nepad Regional Fish Node at LUANAR in Malawi. Msekiwa worked closely with rural communities to develop fish farming groups and to enhance farm aquaculture.

Training science leaders for Africa – Featuring Abigael Otinga

University of Eldoret, Kenya

The video features Dr. Abigael Otinga, a soil scientist from University of Eldoret telling her academic story right from primary school. She narrates the desire and dreams she once had and how she became a RUFORUM grantee. She is now a well-trained science leader for Africa.

Training a Generation of Agleaders for Agricultural Transformation in Africa

Training a Generation of Agleaders for Agricultural Transformation in Africa, Kenya, Uganda

The Mastercard Foundation and RUFORUM, in collaboration with Egerton and Gulu Universities are on the mission to build and transform the next generation through training competent and highly skilled African youth to ensure production of entrepreneurial graduates with leadership skills and potential to create impact in the rural communities.

Tomato Curly Stunt Virus in Mozambique

Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

The importance of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) as source of food and income generation in Mozambique is threatened by proliferation of a viral disease called Tomato Curly Stunt virus (ToCSV) which causes yield losses of up to 100 % negatively impacting on crop productivity and the communities’ livelihood.

The Implementation of the Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA) , Benin

The Implementation of the Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA) , Benin, Benin

Field Attachment Programme Awards (FAPA) support post-graduate students intern  to work with community, Finagnon Toyi a student from university of abomey-calavi worked on the complementary foods based on Baobao tree which aimed at reducing malnutrition among Children below 5 years in districts of Dassa and Materi in Benin.

TAGDev Student Enterprises – Overview

TAGDev Student Enterprises – Overview, Kenya

At Egerton University, 24 businesses have been incubated and these businesses have employed over 150 people. Through the TAGDev program, about 388 students and farmers have been trained

TAGDev Profiles: Sheku Gbollie

TAGDev Profiles: Sheku Gbollie, Liberia

Sheku Nymah Gbollie is a MCF@RUFORUM scholar at Egerton University offering MSc. Soil Science. Sheku is currently supporting 15 best performing students from his home town in Liberia.

TAGDev Profiles: Mary Nganga

TAGDev Profiles: Mary Nganga, Kenya

Mary Nganga  joined the first cohort of Young Change Makers at Egerton University after being awarded a MCF@RUFORUM  TAGDev Scholarship in 2017.

TAGDev Profiles: Juliet Ochama

TAGDev Profiles: Juliet Ochama,

This video features Juliet Ochama, the founder of Nectar Point enterprise. Nectar Point is a profitable juice selling business in Northern Uganda with four (4) selling points. The aim of Nectar point is to become the leading suppliers of quality fresh juice, salads, ice cream and wine in Northern Uganda by 2025.

TAGDev Profiles: Grace Bekah

TAGDev Profiles: Grace Bekah,

Through the training and mentorship provided by TAGDev, Grace Bekah was empowered to work with the framers.  Currently, she is working with 8 farmers dealing in both subsistence and commercial farming in Turkana North.

TAGDev Profiles: Andrew Nkhoma and Peter Lungu

TAGDev Profiles: Andrew Nkhoma and Peter Lungu,

This video features Andrew Nkhoma and Peter Lungu, TAGDev scholars from Malawi venturing in poultry farming.

Strengthening universities Community engagement for transformed Agriculture

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi

The video shows the NEPAD Regional Fish Node at LUANAR in Malawi empowering rural farmers in the country to embrace inland fish farming as a viable business. This Community Action Research Program (CARP) Fish project that enhances fish production and marketing for food security and the income of small scale producers, shows students working with farmers and is funded by RUFORUM

Small grants, significant impact: A RUFORUM graduate research grant story

Kenyatta University, Kenya

RUFORUM and universities working closely with small farmers along the entire banana value chain to improve income and strengthen farmer institutions.

RUFORUM Regional Programmes: Research Methods

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Zimbabwe

Alma Muropa, an M.Sc grantee studying in Kenya, demonstrates the impact of RUFORUM regional programmes with her research exploring options to assess the uptake of Conservation Agriculture in Domboshawa Zimbabwe.

RUFORUM Entrepreneurship Challenge Program (RECAP)

RUFORUM Entrepreneurship Challenge Program (RECAP), Kenya, Uganda

RUFORUM, MasterCard Foundation, Gulu university and Egerton University have launched the RUFORUM Entrepreneurship Challenge Program (RECAP). RECAP is an innovative program that was ignited by the TAGDev flagship and builds on the successful student enterprise scheme implemented at Gulu University and Egerton University. The student enterprise ideas are incubated with technical assistance and financial capitation through a revolving fund.

RUFORUM Alumni Network

RUFORUM Alumni Network,

With support from the MasterCard Foundation through the TAGDev program, RUFORUM has actualized its dream of operationalizing  its alumni network. The Alumni network will play a key role in the sustainability and growth of RUFORUM as a major driver for transformation in the African agricultural sector

RUFORUM – University of the Free State Wool value chain

University of the Free State,

The University of Free State through RUFORUM is developing a wool value chain in the Free State Province, South Africa, and this project has helped the University farm facilities upgrade to support wool production, processing and value addition.

Reviving an industry: Universities take on challenges

Moi University, Kenya

In Kenya, an innovating Vice-Chancellor revives the local cotton industry, supports innovative natural dye and design and leads his university towards sustainability.

Mitigating Climate Change: Global solutions from Namibia

University of Namibia, Namibia

The study was conducted to evaluate the nutritional characteristics of five indigenous legumes compared against Lucerne as potential livestock fodder.

Lucy Aciro-MasterCard@RUFORUM scholar

Gulu University, Uganda

Lucy has had to over come many difficulties, from having to hide from the LRA as a child to not having the fees to finish her studies.

With courage and a strong determination Lucy has managed to over come these adversities to find herself part of the TAGDEV programme with the 30 selected MasterCard@RUFORUM scholars from 9 African countries.

Kenneth Kidega-MasterCard@RUFORUM scholar

Gulu University, Uganda

Along with 30 extraordinary others from all over Africa, Kenneth received the Mastercard@RUFORUM scholarship and reported to Egerton University in Kenya to begin a truly trans-formative journey.

Kenneth will study a Master of Science in Food Security and Community Nutrition at Gulu University in Uganda.

Gulu University Institutional Transformation

Gulu University Institutional Transformation, Uganda

Gulu University was founded as a centre for knowledge generation and community engagement for the healing and rebuilding of communities. With RUFORUM and the MasterCard Foundation funded flagship, TAGDev, the community, students and the university itself have been transformed.

Gulu Rice CARP 2021

Gulu Rice CARP 2021, Uganda

This Mastercard through RUFORUM funded Community Action Research Project (CARP+) on agribusiness rice clusters and market linkages aims to intervene in the rice value chain promoting good agronomic practices, post-harvest handling technologies and reaching over 1500 farmers to improve the production and productivity of rice in Northern Uganda


GULU PIG CARP 2021, Uganda

Northern Uganda has suffered decades of brutal conflicts leaving the local communities food insecure. RUFORUM and the MasterCard Foundation with Gulu University in collaboration with the local farmers are rebuilding the region through Agricultural and Agri-business innovations.

Gabriel Mahindu-MasterCard@RUFORUM scholar

Egerton University, Kenya

Gabriel Mahindu is one 30 extraordinary young MasterCard@RUFORUM scholars chosen by RUFORUM, a network of over 60 universities across Africa with the support of the MasterCard Foundation.

It was early experiences with hunger and poverty that catalysed Gabriel’s ability to innovate improved farming techniques in his village. He fought his way through his schooling and applied for the RUFORUM MasterCard Foundation scholarship in the hopes of pursuing his love for science and agriculture.


Gabriel Kwendo – TAGDev scholar

Gabriel Kwendo – TAGDev scholar, Kenya

This video features Gabriel Kwendo, TAGDev school from Egerton University and the founder of Comrade Dairy and Food enterprises. The enterprise is located at Njoro Sub-County in Kenya and it deals in the production of yoghurt and sour milk.

Farm attachments: Students and farmers learning together

Egerton University, Kenya

Proactive and closely mentored farm attachment programmes have the potential to help farmers innovate and at the same time develop student skills and social commitment. This example particularly focuses on assisting women farmers with innovations.

Engaging Universities to Strengthen Agricultural Value Chain

University of Eldoret, Kenya

The Project has enabled Farmer Associations to develop their business plans, initiate contract farming, produce striga tolerant seed maize, increased sorghum and soya production, improved management and built the capacity of the Farming Associations to undertake value addition

Egerton University SEED Potatoes CARP

Egerton University SEED Potatoes CARP, Kenya

In Kenya, the supply of quality seed potato is a serious challenge resulting in poor yields,  compromised income, and food insecurity. The CARP project at Egerton University has directly reached 3500 farmers through training in quality seed production and value addition.

Egerton University SEED Cassava CARP 2021

Egerton University SEED Cassava CARP 2021, Kenya

Prof. Richard Mulwa and his post-graduate students running a MasterCard Foundation through RUFORUM funded CARP+ project are looking for solutions by upgrading the cassava value chain for secure food, nutrition and income resilience of small holder farmers. The project is making a significant impact to families and unemployed youths in Subukia, Kenya.

Climate Change Challenges Researchers – Building Resilience and Mitigation strategies

Haramaya University, Ethiopia

The devastating effects of climate change provide university researchers with challenges as the drought leaves farmers with no groundnuts to harvest and no income. The project deadlines and student graduation are delayed as the proposed research must be adapted and focus on resilience to climate change and mitigation strategies.

Changing students’ and communities’ lives through TAGDEV Programme in Northern Uganda

Changing students’ and communities’ lives through TAGDEV Programme in Northern Uganda,

The TAGDev Programme  has equipped practical agriculture and business skills, soft non-technical skills, employment and entrepreneurship skills and financial resources to students to start their own businesses to support their families and rural communities.



Changing students, farmers and communities lives through TAGDEV Programme in Kenya

Changing students, farmers and communities lives through TAGDEV Programme in Kenya,

The Transform African Agricultural Universities to Meaningfully contribute towards African Growth and Development (TAGDev) Programme . The programme focuses on delivery of transformative activities to ensure production of entrepreneurial graduates with leadership skills and potential to create impact in the rural communities

Bringing together the best: cross-bred goats and dedicated researchers

Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Botswana

Cross-bred goats show their potential to contribute to milk supplies in Botswana and to utilise the natural bushveld pastures.

Beans for Africa: University research linking Private Sector with farmers

University of Nairobi, Kenya

Addressing the challenge of short day length and disease, this RUFORUM grantee worked closely with farmers to develop export quality runner bean lines suitable for cultivation under tropical conditions. These efforts were then extended in projects to add value and market the beans.

A formidable Baobab research team: RUFORUM expands support in West Africa

L’Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Benin

As RUFORUM increases its presence in West Africa several GRGs are working with farmers and in this clip we see significant innovation and contribution to human and livestock nutrition from growing baobab. They were able to harvest leaves for human and animal nutrition within one year.